Rules & Regulation

  1. Discipline - Students will be held accountable for any inappropriate behavior or rude activity on, or off institute using illegal drugs , narcotics or drug paraphernalia is aabsolutely for bidden.
  2. Possessing or using alcoholic beverage on institute property is stricted prohibited. If any student's violates institute's rules and regulations, He / She may be subject to disciplinary action including fines or possible suspension from the Institute.
  3. All students have to come in proper uniform and proper grooming otherwise they will be not allowed to enter in the class.
  4. Students can not attend the classes without permission of the lecturers.
  5. Each students is required to complete 75% attendance, failing which he or she will not be permitted to sit in the exams.
  6. Smoking is strictly prohibited in all parts of Institute.
  7. Absence without permission is liable to fine. No leave will be granted without previous written application except in case of emergency. Prior permission for any leave is necessary by the authorized person.
  8. Fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.
  9. Any property of the Institute damaged due to negligence by the students or students will have to be replaced paid for by them.
  10. Students Identity Cards : Students identity cards are issued to all full time student must be carried at all times his / her photograph affixed on the same and present it for Inspection when demanded. No students will be allowed to attend the theory / practical classes etc. If identity card is missing.
  11. Change of address, Notice for change of address should be give Immediately to the Principal in writing.
  12. Personal Property, college authorities will not accept any responsibility for damage to or loss of clothing and any other article property in the college premises or ground.
  13. Undergoing a Job during the period of study of the Institute will disqualify the candidate for appearing in the field examination.
  14. Conduct of student in their classes as well as on the premises of the Institute shall be such as will not cause any disturbance to the fellow Students . Students must not loiter in and around the Institute he / she will be duly.